Who We Are

ThermalTag started the way so many ideas do: with a passion. Our passion for dogs and their well-being drives us, and affects everything we do. We designed ThermalTag to save dogs’ lives.

The two principal forces behind ThermalTag are a father and daughter team: John and Anna Lamie. John has had the good fortune to always have dogs in his life. Anna was not so lucky: she was severely asthmatic as a kid, and we couldn’t have dogs. Fortunately, she grew out of it and has enjoyed the companionship of dogs for the last 10 years.

We hit on the idea of ThermalTag when we became aware of the vast numbers of dogs that die of heat exhaustion (hyperthermia) when left unattended in vehicles each year. Dogs can do a lot of things, but dealing effectively with heat isn’t one of them. We humans have our entire bodies to help, dogs have only the pads of their feet and their tongues. AND they wear that fur coat all year around.

We searched the market for a solution, but found none. Seeing an opportunity to help dogs everywhere, we started talking to the experts to see what we had to do. Veterinarians described the problem and key metrics of when any situation can be deadly, tech developers identified the right configuration for the device and algorithms for the application. In order for it to work, we needed to develop the technology to extend the range of connectivity.

Two years later, the patent-pending ThermalTag system has become a reality!

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