Frequently Asked Questions

What does ThermalTag do?

ThermalTag is a system consisting of a device worn by your dog, and an app on your smartphone. Its primary use is those instances where you take your dog in the car. The device measures the temperature around your dog and sends it to your smartphone. Since dogs are particularly sensitive to higher heats, your phone gets automatic warnings as the temperature around your dog rises.

Why do I need ThermalTag?

We dog lovers frequently take our pets in our car. Dogs are highly affected by temperature extremes. Particularly in warm weather months, a vehicle can become extremely hot in a very short time. ThermalTag allows you to take your dog and not worry that your pet will be harmed. Scientific studies have shown that “cracking the windows” has little or no effect.

How does it work?

The device has a built in heat monitoring system. The primary communication with your smartphone is through a Bluetooth feature. We recognize that Bluetooth range is typically quite limited — the range is usually not more than 200 feet, and it’s affected by structures. The ThermalTag app has a built-in patented system which vastly extends the range. Our patent-pending technology also allows you to customize your personal ThermalTag system by registering the type of car, body size of the dog, the color of the car, and the presence or absence of tinted or reflective windows.

How does it differ from locator products?

While ThermalTag has a locator feature to help you find your vehicle, our primary purpose is to protect dogs against temperature extremes.

What is the temperature range of ThermalTag?

The device will monitor temperatures from -30F to 140F.

Which smartphone systems does it work with?

Apple iOS and Android.

How is it powered?

ThermalTag is powered by a replaceable battery, which typically has a 3-to- 6 month life, depending on use. The app will tell you your battery life and when it is appropriate to change.

How do I attach ThermalTag to my Dog?

ThermalTag is attached to your dog’s collar with a simple stainless steel “O” ring. It is very light weight, so virtually any breed can use it.

Is ThermalTag water resistant?

Yes, however we do not recommend that you allow your dog to swim with it.

Where is ThermalTag sold?

ThermalTag is currently only available on Indiegogo. Early adopters save over $30 off the retail price, bringing the cost for one ThermalTag device to $49. Limited time offer.

What is the guarantee?

If you’re not completely satisfied, return it within 30 days for a full refund. The device has a limited 90-day warrantee.

Where is ThermalTag made?

ThermalTag is designed and made in the USA.

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